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What is T-LAB ?

T-LAB software is an all-in-one set of linguistic and statistical tools for content analysis and text mining.

Its interface is very user-friendly and many types of texts can be analysed: speech transcripts, newspaper articles, responses to open-ended questions, Twitter messages, transcripts of interviews and focus groups, legislative texts, company documents, books, etc.

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Who is T-LAB for ?

T-LAB is currently used by thousands of researchers and professionals working across the globe.
They are sociologists, marketing consultants, psychologists, linguists, philosophers, public administration managers, anthropologists, historians, psychiatrists etc.

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Why is T-LAB unique ?

T-LAB uses a kind of text-driven automatic approach which allows meaningful patterns of words and themes to emerge.
Various measures and several analysis methods can be applied.
Tables and charts can be easily browsed and interpreted.
The user's interface and the contextual help are in four languages: English, French, Spanish, Italian.

How does T-LAB work ?

T-LAB pre-processing steps include text segmentation, automatic lemmatisation and key-term selection.
Subsequently, three sub-menus allow easy browsing between several tools for:
- co-occurrence analysis
- thematic analysis
- comparative analysis.

All processes are transparent and can be easily customized.