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  1. Guide de démarrage rapide (PDF)
    English, French, Italian, Spanish

  2. Manuel de l'Utilisateur T-LAB Plus 2019 (PDF)
    English, French, Italian, Spanish

  3. T-LAB Plus 2019 600 MB (*)

  4. (*)
    With the demo version, all the functions of the software can be used and explored on 18 built-in samples (three for each of the following languages: English, French, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, German). Moreover, without any time limit, you can analyse your own texts of up to 20 Kb in .txt format (in any language), each of which can include up to 20 short documents.
    If you are interested in analysing your text materials and their size exceeds the above limits, please contact .


The artwork on the left has been realized for T-LAB
by Claudio Marini (
in collaboration with Andrea D'Andrea.